Kiva Kahl, known internationally as the superhero-esque performer GRINDERGIRL®, is danger at its most exquisite. Described as Bettie Paige meets Rosie the Riveter at a Metal Shop, Kiva invents, costume designs, welds and paints innovative fiction and fantasy personalities for herself bringing to life a lavish visual feast for TV, fashion and live performance art. Kiva is a one-woman show-stopper renown for her 21st century pin-up characters and dazzling living art creations.

A mainstay in the New York scene and the stuff that legends are made of, Kiva is revered as one of the most refined of the Vaudeville style artists in the entertainment industry. Landing in the mainstream audience in 2002, Kiva debuted her creation GRINDERGIRL® on The Late Show with David Letterman. With a Betty Boop smile, harnessed in a contoured silver bullet breast plate, she grinds her power tool shooting 20 feet of fiery sparks like a space age fireworks display off of her body.

After her jaw-dropping debut, GRINDERGIRL® instantly won over middle America and solidified her place in pop culture. She was included in regular daily broadcast segments, "Is This Anything?" and "Will It Float?" for seven years. Since then, GRINDERGIRL® has been referenced in news media and even political farce.

Not long after her regular appearance on The Late Show, GRINDERGIRL® got picked up for an innovative national touring arena show, Nuclear Cowboyz, which was dubbed like a gritty, post-apocalyptic battle mixed with Cirque du Soleil, but on motorbikes. The St. Peterburg Times raved about Kiva, saying “One star makes the sparks fly for real: GRINDERGIRL®”

Kiva's character, GRINDERGIRL® stays imprinted in the memories of many; although, Kiva's repertoire include Fire Eating, Body Art, Snake Charming, Glass Walking and Bullwhipping. Her noted television appearances include: The Discovery Channel, MTV, CNN News, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Geraldo, and Nightline. Kiva has been featured in publications such as New York Magazine, The New York Times, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Paper Magazine, the cover of YRB magazine, and Gear Magazine. Kiva has performed live at countless high profile special events, clubs, corporate and music events in the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Greece, Germany, the Caribbean islands and more. She is often specially-requested for clients; Luis Vuitton, Mercedes-Benz, and Richard Branson, among others.

Kiva attributes her unique perspective and creativity to her adventured circumstances growing up. Born in Russia, Kiva then moved around to different countries from Israel to Greece; finally, settling in Canada. Not knowing any of the languages of the countries she arrived in and coming from a single parent home, Kiva adapted by coloring her world through art, fashion and costuming. She was always fascinated with costumes at the cinema and she created and sewed many of her own clothes. Her true talent for visual arts was apparent with the many art scholarships she earned, including one to LaGuardia High School for the Arts in Manhattan.

Kiva's most recent creations are made in her DIY workshop out of her home in Rockaway Beach, Queens. If you want to impress Kiva, strike up a conversation about surfing in Costa Rica or power tools, which are two of her obsessions! Currently, she is working on her latest masterpiece perfecting human chandeliers, live orchids and mermaids, which she showcased at the opening of the Manhattan Dream Hotel Downtown in June of 2011. Her biggest undertaking right now is her own line of GRINDERGIRL® Surf Wear. Kiva lives with her two children, one of which is a student at her alma mater, LaGuardia High School for the Arts, and her dog, a Shiba Ino, named Zen.

Terra Jolé


“Wonderfully entertaining!” -Elton John

"...Jole' stole the show..." -E Online

“Oh my God... I love your body!” -Chelsea Handler

“I want my own ‘Mini-Lindsay’!” -Lindsay Lohan

“I totally enjoyed you!” -Janet Jackson

“The biggest little performance I’ve ever seen” -T-Pain

Terra Jole’ (pronounced joe-lay) has been described by media, celebrity and fans alike as one of today’s most unique entertainers. Coined as the “littlest tribute performer in the world,” Terra is living proof that big things come in small packages.

Terra clocks in at 4 feet 2 inches in height is most recognized as the official Mini-Britney Spears. She headlined her own national Mini-Britney Tour as well as a full length Vegas show “Little Legends” singing live and dancing through multiple costume changes with custom designed Britney Spears classic outfits. Terra also was memorably featured on the T-Pain/Lil’ Wayne “I Am Music Tour” and opened for music icon Cyndi Lauper.

Adding to her growing repertoire of pop idol tributes, she’s dug deep and has her second pop idol under her belt debuting Mini-Lady Gaga to rave reviews worldwide. As Mini-Lady Gaga, Terra blew everyone away with her physical abilities and personality on tour with AntiGravity, the worlds’ premier champion aerial and acrobatic troupe based out of New York. With AntiGravity, Terra also paid tribute to Brazil’s hottest popstar, Ivete Sangalo.

Terra has graced the screen in Austin Powers 3, Tales From Beyond , C.S.I. Las Vegas alongside Method Man in a part adapted just for her, sang on the George Lopez Show and appeared as a guest as Mini-Britney on Chelsea Lately. Terra opened her life up to MTV cameras on the special True Life: I’m a Little Person. This episode was so popular that MTV followed it up with another True Life update in 2008. That same year, Terra played a leading role, Leanne, in the feature film Midgets vs. Mascots, which won an audience award at the Tribeca Film Festival. Opening just this fall, Terra appears as a leading lady in the feature film Jackass 3-D.

Known as a bit of a media darling, Terra has appeared on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, E! Daily Top 10, ABC News, Good Morning America,Talk Soup and CNN Turk. Radar magazine featured Terra’s rise to fame in a four page profile and her performances have garnered multiple reviews and items in Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, New York Post’s Page Six, Chicago Tribune, TMZ, E! Online, Splash News and US Weekly. Perez Hilton is a Terra fan and he posted a YouTube video of her performing live as Mini-Lady Gaga, boosting to views from 3,000 to over 121,000 in one day.

Originally from San Antonio Texas, Terra was born into an average height family. According to statistics, every woman carries the dwarfism gene and there is a miniscule 1 in 30,000 chance in pregnancy of baring a little person. One year after Terra was born, her parents adopted her brother, also a little person, through an organization called Little People of America. Terra and her brother, Bourn, are both the same type of dwarfism medically known as Achondroplasia. To this day, Terra volunteers with the Little People of America organization and is grateful for the support they give families. She’s forever appreciative for her parents for being as open as they are. Terra says that it’s simple to have a little person child; she smiles, “All you need is two important things; love and a few shorter step stools around the house. Then, you are good to go!”

When she’s not touring, Terra devotes her free time to animal rescue. She volunteers at Forte Animal Rescue and last year alone, she helped by fostering 10 dogs and found them all new homes. Terra’s home base is in Los Angeles where she lives with Bamboo, a wirehair Jack Russell mix, who is a rescue she found 3 years ago.

Terra’s latest project, MINI-POPSTARS, is a pocket sized show that brings together your favorite Pop Stars of past and present all on one stage. Stay tuned for more news on the show!

“Dream Big Live Alive, Dream Alive Live Big”

The ALieNatioN


“A touch of magic has beamed down to New York nightlife.” -NEXT Magazine, What’s Next

“En Route to the back of the restaurant, you came across two men – or were they women?- dressed in head-to-toe mesh bodysuits with large headphone-like antlers and gold fringed eyelashes, gyrating to the music in the corner. Perhaps they were meant to be hallucinations?” -Vogue Magazine

“What your doing is the reason people come to NYC… I really want to see your face but because I can’t, I can really feel who you are and your personality and I love it!” -Underage Club-goer

No, you are not hallucinating. It’s fantastical and flamboyant The AlieNatioN, a fiercely creative extraterrestrial duo who have quickly taken Manhattan by storm. The AlieNatioN is a community of aliens who have arrived in New York City from another galaxy creating a sensation wherever their glitterazzi tentacles take them. The AlieNatioN are haunting yet beautiful; elusive, yet playful, beings from another dimension. Sightings turn out at worldwide celebrity events, private parties, international festivals, nightclubs and high profile premieres.

Appearing on the scene in 2009, The AlieNatioN launched to an overwhelming response. Quickly, they were nominated for multiple New York nightclub awards, featured in a Vogue Magazine spread, celebrity newswires, on the red carpet for the Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards and posed with the Kardashian sisters.

The AlieNatioN have hosted regularly in NYC at Lavo, Pacha, Webster Hall, DR!P at the Grace Hotel with promoter Lee Chappell, Day Glow, Suzanne Bartsch events including New Year’s Eve at the Delano South Beach. They have performed alongside International DJ’s such as Junior Vasquez, Jonathan Peters, David Berrie, Sean Tyas, Giussepe Ottaviani, Dash Berlin, Jason Ojeda, Robbie Rivera, M.I.K.E. and Thrillseekers. Breaking barriers appearing at corporate and branding events, The AlieNatioN have worked with Bacardi, Dos Equis, Hendricks Gin, Three O’s Vodka, The Explorer’s Club and Ripley’s Believe It or Not Times Square Museum, to name a few. In the realm of Dance and Theater, The AlieNatioN have created two experimental performance pieces to date exploring alien movement with multi-media projections in collaboration with WetCircuit and Forward Motion Theater, as well as a week-long festival in Hangzhou, China.

In March 2011, to a tremendous turnout and response, The AlieNatioN presented a sneak preview of their club dance single titled "Get Abducted" produced by Michele Darling (Electro-Funk-House band Girls Like Bass) and Hector Perez. At CIELO NYC, a club revered for its unmatched music and dance crowd, the song was performed by The AlieNatioN character ‘The Illuminator’ and enhanced by a full blown AlieNatioN themed night. The performance included a live on stage alien abduction (in the most other-worldly way imaginable) and a newborn alien was released onto the dancefloor!

The forces behind The AlieNatioN are Hector Perez, the Alchemist Designer, and Raquel "Rocky" Giberstein, the Intergalactic Manager. Hector and Raquel have two decades of collaborative projects under their belt. The first being the feature film, Party Girl, one of Parker Posey's debuts. Their joint projects include; providing fantasy creatures for PHISH concerts at Madison Square Garden, American Airlines Miami Theater and Limestone, Mini-PopStars --an all little person impersonator show, Marc Jacobs’ annual holiday extravaganzas (produced by AntiGravity) and hundreds of exclusive events.

According to the creative Alien duo, audiences of all genders and preferences, are downright aroused. “I get hit on more as an alien,” Perez reveals. “People discover a fetish they don’t even know they have until that moment,” Giberstein adds. Giberstein remembers a businessman who asked her out based solely on the way she moved her tentacles, “I told him to give me his card,” she recalls. “I extended my tentacle and he slipped his card inside!” Perez, dressed as the triple-breasted “Lact-Alien,” once wound up in the lap of a Hassidic Jewish man celebrating his 21st birthday. “I think it breaks down the barriers for people because we’re not human,” Giberstein explains. “There’s no stigma.”

The Aliens have big plans for 2011. On May 22nd, The AlieNatioN presented their very first full throttle intergalactic Alien night “Do You Want to Get Abducted?” at Mehanata on the Lower East Side, NYC.

Hector Perez , The AlieNatioN Creator

Hector’s partnership as in-house designer with Raquel's management and consulting company Rock>L Productions peaked with the advent of The AlieNatioN. Perez has created a whole host of alien creatures, all of which have distinctive back-stories and features. Giberstein never ceases to be enthralled by the guises Perez creates. “Hector would go into the lab and not even tell me what it was gonna be,” she shares. “He’d say, ‘Okay, you’re gonna be topless this week,’ and I’d say, ‘All right!’” Hector Perez’s design sensibility launched from his passion for both dance and fashion. Born and raised in New York City, Hector studied at the High School of Fashion Industries and Fashion Institute of Technology, moving forward to assist New York City costumer extraordinaire, Shelly Bomb.

In 2001, Hector branched out on his own making one-of-a-kind pieces for Nightlife performers and an assortment of special requests. After seven years of fine-tuning his signature style, he developed the beginnings of The AlieNatioN characters. As a test run, Hector entered a contest costuming himself in his creation the “Blinkarina” Alien and took home 1st place. This confirmed that he was on to something as a performer and costumer... and, poof (!), The ALieNatioN was born.

Through years of involvement in the entertainment industry and The AlieNatioN, Hector’s design division House of Hallucination includes a roster of clientele specially requesting his creative vision. House of Hallucination designs for legendary pop icon Cyndi Lauper, Superstar dance diva Ultra Nate', tiny tribute performer Terra Jole' (aka Mini-Britney, Mini-Lady GaGa and Mini-Katy Perry) and the internationally known aerial performance groups, AntiGravity and Mantryx.

Hector currently resides in New York City with his dog, a miniature Chinese-crested breed named, Habibi, and a family of sewing machines!

Mini Popstars

Terra Jolé and Rock-L Productions present:


The biggest little show ever!!

MINI-POPSTARS is a pocket sized show that brings together your favorite Pop Stars of past and present all on one stage. Terra Jolé, internationally known for her Mini-Britney Spears and more recently Mini-Lady GaGa tribute shows, is featured as well as the Emcee of MINI-POPSTARS. We have scoured the nation for 5 years to find the most charismatic and talented Little People that will blow you away. Big shows come in little packages!!

MINI-POPSTARS is a constantly evolving show keeping in mind that current artists release new hits. MINI-POPSTARS can be at times tailored to your event, venue, or audience and we have a roster of Mini-Celebs (pending availability). The show can be from 30 to 60 minutes in length.

Mini Michael Jackson


Alex Sotomayor known as"Lil' Alex" standing 3 foot 5 inches tall is the one and only MINI-MICHAEL JACKSON.

Originally from Peru, Lil' Alex has been residing and performing with NYC as home base for quite some time. He is a self taught dancer/ performer and learned from carefully watching and imitating music videos. Upon seeing him perform it is clear he is naturally gifted as his dance renditions of Michael Jackson are flawless.

Lil' Alex is well known for regular appearances on many top rated Latin American TV programs such as "Cristina", "Don Francisco" and Reggaeton music videos with "Fat Joe". Over the years and especially after Michael Jackson's passing Lil' Alex has been included in many Michael Jackson tribute events and is always a stand out. He is a Youtube favorite and was recently featured on a "Maury Povitch" special titled "The Most Talented Little People" where he brought the house down. Aside from performing at many nightclubs, private parties and corporate events Lil' Alex is licensed to entertain and bring a big smile to people's faces in the underground of the NYC Subway system!

More recently he joined a 'small' group of little entertainers who have a full length show called "MiniPostars" featuring the best of the best in little impersonators.

He looks forward to many shows with this spectacular group!